Quinceañera Expo

This weekend I did my first Quinceañera show and it was freaking awesome! Having just moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, I didn’t have a lot of time to put things together and a week before the show, I was barely ordering prints from Adorama Pix in New York #PanicAttack. But for being my first time doing a quince expo, it went great and over 70 people filled out info requests. I have a long week of following up but it’s exciting. Special thanks to Jimena Olmeda from Quinceanera.com for getting me set up in such short notice and for following up with me to make sure things went well.

For booking info: call (323) 617-0597 to set an appointment at our Hollywood office OR fill out a contact form and we’ll get you going.

Also thanks to Nallely & Spencer for helping me out and making sure everyone was being taken care of during the quince expo. I seriously couldn’t have done it alone!

quinceanera hugo fernandez photography expo-8426

“Noooo, he wasn’t ready!” #KevinHartVoice. And this is why I stay behind the camera. I have no idea what I was doing, but you can see a better picture of me here 🙂

quinceanera hugo fernandez photography expo-8436

The only thing I wish I had more time for was networking with other vendors. There were a ton of talented peeps there and I only got a chance to talk to a few. For someone starting out in a new market, building strong relationships is crucial to getting your name out there. Here are a few shots of 3 vendors I was able to snap during the quince expo, check out their quinceañera services on their websites! If you’re a vendor and would like a high resolution copy with no watermark, just email me: vendors@hugo-fernandez.com

Eventos Heidi / 310.650.6783 / Quinceañera Event Coordinator / Visit Their Website!

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quinceanera hugo fernandez photography expo-8420

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Mi Super Quinceañera / DJ Melter / 818.825.1086

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Patricia Sturla Studios / Hollywood Talent Management / Visit Their Website

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