Memories Never Fade

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It takes a lot of study and attention to detail in order to fully understand our cultures. To capture the real emotion and essence of your wedding, your photographer has to really care. It’s without a doubt a super important day in your life, and thats why I approach it with such honor and passion. I see a wedding as a celebration of life, culture and everything that makes us unique, a transference of traditions and values from one generation to the next.

It takes an immense amount of work to put everything together for your wedding – the months of planning, the seemingly endless details, and all the emotion condensed into that 1 day. That one day, where we’re reminded of how precious life is. When a mother see’s her beautiful daughter walk into the church and looking into her eyes, reminiscing of when she was a little girl, she shed a tear of joy.

Nothing else matters, besides the fact that you’re there, surrounded by everyone that matters. And we’ll be there to capture it all, from your perspective, the way you want to remember it. Because at the end of that unforgettable day, after the laughter and joy, after the vendors are paid off and the music finally stops, all that you’ll have are the memories.

You can’t get back time, and the money you’ve spent will be forgotten, but the memories will remain. And when you glance back, you’ll relive those moments of overwhelming joy, and it’ll all be worth it.

Memories Never Fade
-Hugo Fernandez

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