Why You Should Have Your Quinceañera

Every girl is different, we all like to do different things, we all have a different personality and we all have a different thinking; but there are some events in life that every girl should have, one of them is to have a Quinceañera.

We are taught to celebrate every occasion, victory, achievement etc. Therefore  is part of our culture to celebrate every birthday. As the birthday girl you want to make your special day memorable, and unforgettable, or am i wrong? so i understand all those girls that right now are thinking on celebrating their 15th birthday in a different way, may be you want to travel, or you prefer the money, well let me tell you why you should have  your Quinceañera.

When i was 14 years old, I did not want to have my Quinceañera, I wanted to travel to Europe. So I started planning my trip. I was really excited because I was about to see some of those beautiful places that I had just read about and seen in articles and pictures. I wanted to visit the beautiful Eiffel Tower,  Venice the water city, the amazing city of London, Barcelona etc. However as my birthday got closer i started realizing that having a quinceañera was better. I saw some pictures from my sister’s Quinceañera, her beautiful dress, and all the memories she had from that day that would last a lifetime. I remember that one day, we were at a mall and she made me try on a quinceañera dress. When I saw myself in it, I knew I just had to have my quinceañera. So it was actually one month away when I decided I did want to have my quinceañera, and i can truly tell you it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Now I have memories of my family, my closest friends and myself, that will last forever. If  i could go back, I will definitely have my quinceañera again. I wish I could of take the time to plan it better, but i don’t regret anything. Every detail  from the invitations to the actual celebration was beyond amazing. So do not think twice and start planning your quinceañera, remember you can never go back to that day, so take your time and make it memorable. You can travel any time, you can buy whatever you want after, but you can never go back to your 15th Birthday.